Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Wall

Why do we run off the path?
I was driving home coming south and entering unto another interstate when I saw the WALL. This wall served as a boundary and a divider. However the wall was marked by many travelers that veered off the path. Why? It was quite clear which direction the path (interstate) was going. Why would anyone want to try to go against the wall? I figured no one did it on purpose. It was an accident. Because of distractions they left the path.
How many times have I looked at or done something that has caused me to veer off the path. How many times have I been distracted with pride, temptation, an attitude, a judgement or whatever. I can honestly say I didnt mean to hit the wall but I did. I didnt mean to let my pride take over, but it did. I sure didnt mean to jump into temptation, but I did.
I thank G-d for the walls that remind us we are off the path and direct us accordingly.
Have you hit a wall lately? maybe it is a sign you are off the path.
How many people have hit the wall and gone off the path and need help back?