Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Christmas

may you be blessed with the joy of good food
remembering its never too cold for ice cream!
may you avoid the Christmas skimming
and have your coffee hot and steaming!
may your celebrating be filled with
peppermint, eggnog, coffee, ice cream!
(all together would be interesting)
may you find the worlds best cup of coffee
and please tell me about it!
may you find a clear direction
for 2013! 
may you find the time to give personal gifts
because that's what God gave us!
may you find peace with God
through Jesus!
may you and your family have peace
understanding we can disagree and still love!
may this crazy dark world see your light!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday rewind

We kicked of a new series yesterday called Presence. Here are a few thoughts from Sunday.
  • God's Presence in your life + your presences in some one's life = Christmas.
  • Christmas is a celebration of presence! Without presence there is no celebration.
  • God's presence brings presents into our life.
  • His presence claims our panic and brings Joy.
  • We read the story of the shepherds Luke 2:8-10
  • God's presence brings Joy because (v10)
    • He makes it personal (I bring you! v10)
    • He brings good news
    • For all people
Respond by embracing God's presence and sharing Gods presence.

Make your Christmas more Joyful!
  • Make it personal - the gifts you give make them personal. Spend time with friends and family!
  • Make a commitment to share Good News only. Lets silent the bad news. (at least for this season) 
  • Connect with someone outside your normal friends and family.
The Woodland High Advance Choir was a great  highlight!

I will try to add some audio of the gathering soon!