Friday, August 20, 2010


I read about the Egyptians and the plagues this morning – Exodus 6-11.

I had a plethora of questions and thoughts. Let me share a few with you

• Why did it take so long for Pharaoh to get it?

• Why does it take me so long to get it?

• (What is IT?)

• The Israelites must have had some anxiety. “ok you can go! Wait- no you cant! Get out of here! No wait.” They must have stayed packed and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Living in the state of ready. (maybe I should be living in a ready state)

• Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

• Sometimes something has to die to set something else free.

• Remember the Israelites were living in the mess of the plagues. And they survived.

Just a few thoughts

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What are we missing??

Read in Genesis 21 today about Abraham’s maid that he had a kid with. (which is very inappropriate for you to get your maid pregnant in today’s world) His wife says send her away I don’t like her and he did. He packed her a bag gave her some water and said “Good Day.”

Well, in her travels she ran out of the provision Abraham provided. She and Abraham’s son were now left for dead. (But G-d said the boy would not die but be a great nation) She went to a bush laid the lad down and left him to die alone. As with any mother, she could not bear the pain to watch her son die. The boy began to cry the mom began to cry everybody began to cry. What a sad picture.

G-d heard the cries from the lad. Not sure why it says several times that G-d heard the boy cry and said nothing about the mom crying but anyway. G-d then told the mom not to fear and opened her eyes to a well that was close by. Great ending to what seemed like a bad story.

My attention was drawn to the fact that she didn’t see the well. Was she so distracted by her plot in life that she could not see past mans provision. I know sometimes I get so caught up with what I’m walking through that I miss things. I get so worried that I miss opportunities. I get so focused on the negative I miss the positive. I get so mad and say “this is not right or far I deserve better’ and I miss the promises G-d has given. Sometimes it may seem like death is the only option. But before you go that far look around you may be missing something.