Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Numbers Ch. 7

I know I have read this before but today was a little different. Here are a few thoughts about the theme of Numbers chapter 7 “Leadership.”

Leadership = Going first – As soon as the tabernacle was finished the leaders showed up first. They set the example. They offered the first true free will offering.

Leadership = Seeing needs – Leaders are always looking for areas to get involved. They will see the need first and respond.

Leadership = Willing sacrifice- There has been times in my life that sacrifice took major sacrifice. The leaders of Israel brought a willing sacrifice. They wanted to bring a sacrifice to the Lords work. It really seemed that they had a joy about sacrifice. This was not a sacrifice that the Lord required.

Leadership= Generosity – The leaders brought gold, silver, fabric, offerings. These all were very costly.

Leadership = Supporting – Every leader needs to submit and support something bigger. The gifts and offerings the leaders gave in Numbers 7 were used to further the work of the tabernacle. The supported and submitted to Gods work

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look at Me

“Look at me” is a statement kids use. And most of the time it is pretty cool to take a look. When you do you will see a few things like growth, purity, adventure, honesty just to name a few. How many times have we looked at children and said I wish I had that kind of adventure, or energy?
But as we grow a little older we change this statement to “don’t look at me.’ If you do, you may see stagnate adventure and corrupt deceit. Not as cool and no one looks at you and says I wish I had that corruption in my life!
What happens as we grow older? We lose a sense of living to make a living. We gain money but lose valuables. We trade a path for a rut. We sell our relationships to the best lie. We live in darkened light. No wonder we don’t want people to look at us.

Could it be possible to live a life that people want to look at?

Maybe this is why Jesus said we must be like children.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Ronald Reagan
What would your world look like if you just helped one person today?
Just one person!

Is the government our last hope? I don’t know if I would like this if my hope was in the government!

Someone told me the other day – facts change God’s principles don’t – interesting.

I am grateful God works with inadequate people.

Stop giving God visitation rights- let Him move in!!

Activity v/s authenticity –

Just rambling ……

Monday, February 2, 2009


The weight of life can seem to be completely unbearable. However, we continue to live, because the alternative is NOT living.
I have found that there are some things that we do to add to the weight. When we make a poor choice and follow the path that many follow we add weight. When we are too lazy to finish the task at hand we add weight. When we decide to speak without integrity we add weight. This is all unnecessary. Unnecessary weight demands focus which in return steals focus from things that matter. Unnecessary weight crushes.

There are some weights we need to learn to carry. Here are few - the weight of the cross; the weight of family; the weight of true friends; the weight of speaking into someone’s life; the weight of serving. These weights are necessary for our life and should have are full attention. These weights serve to make us stronger.

The weights of life are real crushing some and strengthening others. I want to loose the unnecessary weight.