Monday, September 24, 2012

Keep on Keeping on!

Do you ever get tired? Do you ever just want to quit? Life seems like it always going uphill. And when the down hill comes it only reveals more uphills. What do you do when life is like this? A friend of mine gave me some great wisdom for riding a bike uphill, "Just keep pedaling!"
I think this is good wisdom for life. Sometimes we just have to keep on keeping on. As I was reading the bible the other day I came across the story were Jesus was asking God for some much needed relief. You can read it in Luke 22:41-
After reading this story I had a few thoughts if you feel like your constantly going uphill.

Jesus went about a stones throw beyond - if your constantly in a struggle try unplugging for awhile. Remove yourself even if its for a few minutes. Find a quiet place! Not just in your mind but really a quiet place. Hide in the closet at work for a few minutes. And if someone opens the door jump out and walk away. (Just thinking about someone doing that makes me laugh) How about this turn off your cell phone! Dont log unto facebook, twitter, or whatever. Unplug for a moment

He prayed - While you are unplugged from the struggles plug into the one the has strength. Pray. The bible teaches us not to worry about anything but rather pray about everything. Re-connect to God through prayer. Try this in the closet and now you have a prayer closet!

Jesus asked for relief but wanted the mission to move forward. Not my will (what I want) but your will be done (God's mission) Remember the mission. The why in the what you are doing. If you are just serving your selfish desires you will live very ill. We all need something bigger to connect to. Gods mission, what He wants is where we need to be. What has God told us to do. Well keep on that!

Notice Jesus spoke these things. Not my will but yours be done. Think about what comes out your mouth. Do you speak more about the struggle than the mission? Do you speak more negative mess then positive words. Make sure your speech lines up with your belief which equals salvation BTW

Jesus gets up and moves toward the cross - Who said this is going to be easy, sissy walk. The cool thing is the angels came to minister to Him. This only happened after He was willing to move forward. Keep pedaling

Just keep pedaling - Just keep on Keeping on! The ones that make it to the end shall be saved. I want to be counted as one that finished the race before me. God will send you supernatural strength as long as you are connected to Him!



I'm currently reading Unleash by Perry Noble. (Along with a few other books)
I have been following Pastor Perry for a few years now and at first I didn't know what to think. He is very straight forward, funny and very real. Needless to say the work he does for the kingdom of God is very effective.

I was excited to hear about his book and wondered if he could bring the same style (from the stage) translate it to the pages of a book. After reading it I believe he did.
A few things I really enjoyed. The stories. I could really relate to the Jr high dances. I too went and did not dance. I guess I was too cool.
I also have taken a lot from Perrys short sayings like; “God created us on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose.”
“If our view of God is small and manageable and normal then we will have a small view of what He wants to do in and through us.”

Unleash tackles the issue we all fight, normalcy. Why live a normal, average, run of the mill life. We serve a Big God with Big plans. I believe God wants us to live unleashed.

Read this Book.