Monday, May 23, 2011


Wow its been a minute since I last posted! Sorry to the many fans! HA

After 18 married years with the same woman (Nikki and I have been together since the 7th grade), some would say it must get old. Waking up next to the same person day in and out for 18 years. That’s 6336 mornings. Not only do we live together but we work together (gasp) and have worked together for many years. And after each day I swear it gets better with time.

I still believe in the sacredness of marriage. I do believe one man can be married to one woman and they can enjoy life together. I do believe the two become one flesh (more than sex). I do believe, with G-d at the center, you can overcome any hurdle. I do believe you can fight together instead of fighting each other.

There are unseen powers that are after our families. They desire to break up and cause lasting issues. The Devil is a LIE!

Much honor to my wife, BFF, lover, My Nikki I really enjoy you more as we (you) grow older together