Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This past Sunday we explored the mission of StockbridgeAssembly
Love - Connect - Serve
Complexity breeds confusion and disagreement
Simplicity breeds clarity and agreement

Jesus stepped into a very complex world of politics and religion. Confusion and disagreements were the order of the day. He brought a simple message that evryone could understand and connect to.

Matt. 22:37-40 (my paraphrase) Love G-d with everything, Connect with others and Serve your world.

One interesting point - Jesus makes this personal and forces us to take the responsibility by using the word "You."

You shall love the Lord Your G-d – this is something you have to do. You cant depend on the relationship your grandmother has with G-d, You have to have a personal experience and relationship.
You shall Love your neighbor – It is your responsibility to connect to your neighbor. We cant wait for someone to connect with you. Or get displaced when others don’t connect with you. It is our responsibility to connect.
As Yourself – The same level you care for yourself should be the level you care for others. Serving them as you would serve yourself.

Funny how Jesus’s teaching calls us to look inside and own up to responsibility.

Love – Connect – Serve

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Rewind

If you missed it here are the highlights

A week of Fasting and prayer starts 10/3/11
Prayer Focus
Mon. – Missions ( Food Pantry, etc)  
Tues. – leadership and church families
Wed. – All Students
Thurs. - Haitian, Hispanic and Church Ministries
Fri. – Finances (Yours and the Churches
Sat. Community
Sun. – our gathering (we will meet at 10:15 to pray together)

Why I Love the Church
Romans 12
The people are Devoted
The People are Different than the world
The People are Diverse
The People are Deep in love
The People are Diligent
The People are NOT Diluted with selfishness

(if this is not a picture of the church we should be striving to be more)

The ILMC Challenge
Invite someone
Invest in the Church
Be Involved in the Church and with the people.

My Name is Steven and I love My Church