Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Renew My Health

Some quick tips to jot down that will get you through your day!!

  • Tame the hunger in your head. A lot of us eat out of stress, boredom, or when we are feeling down! Next time you reach for a snack, take a moment to decide if you’re actually hungry. And rather than “feeding your feelings” try going for a walk, praying, chatting with friends, or writing in your journal.
  • 10 second fix – Strong arm your appetite! Next time the scent of fresh baked cookies entices you when you’re not hungry, make a fist and tighten your arm muscles. This clenching action boosts your willpower, giving you the strength to resist temptation.
  • Eat what you love, but watch serving sizes. The typical bagel is equivalent to 4 slices of bread. An appropriate size of meat (3oz) is the size of a deck of cards.

The key here, as with anything, is moderation. God made our bodies very smart. It tells you when you’re hungry (my stomach growls at me J) and you know when you are full. Obey those signals and you will be amazed at how much less food you will eat!

 If you don’t do different, nothing will change!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Days Ahead

Yesterday at SA we discussed the spiritual issue of our health. Our Health is a spiritual issue. This was part of a new series called ReNEW. Romans 12:1&2. The Big question I have asked myself from this scripture is what am I presenting to G-d? Is it holy? What about my physical body?

So here are some resources that I have ran across you may find helpful.

My friend Dr. Smiley Elmore – www.bodiesbysmiley.com

Dr. Cooper “Faith-Based Fitness” book and website www.faithandfitness.net

Nikki’s tip to healthy living

Moderation – don’t deprive yourself from things you like just cut back on the portion size and how often you eat them. Discipline is the key to success. Discipline not deprivation

Change your mind change your behavior (i read that somewhere)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some is always Saying

"Who do men say that I am?" A question Jesus asked Peter, His disciple. Now it always gets my attention when someone "All-Knowing" asks a question. Im sure He wasnt asking because He didnt know the answer. But why was He asking? Im also sure Jesus had heard the rumors amd specualtion and all the talk around town. Thats to be expected with people right? Even "church" people? We've all heard it.... The "have you heards?? The Whats going on with the church down the street?? Well I heard....(fill in the blank) And we begin to focus and get so caught up in the "some say." As Peter answered Jesus. But then Jesus asked Peter another question. One that truely mattered more than the "some say." Jesus asked him, "Who do YOU say that I am?"
In our few years as being full-time pastors, the main thing that the Lord has had to work with me and thru me is putting aside what "some say!" I would love to tell you as I sit here that I have grown past the point that what "some say" and the "I heards" doesn't make me crazy!
But then my very patient and loving Father reminds me that the 2nd question is more important than the first...Who do you say that I am? Doesn't matter what people say about your church, your family, your methods, its all about pleasing Him. Because the truth is "Thou art the Christ!" That was Peters answer.The only thing that matters. Jesus replies, "flesh and blood did not reveal that to you but My Father in heaven." And on that revelation, Jesus decided to build His church. Seems like a good place to put it to me :) Not on what "some say" but on the TRUTH! On the revelation of Christ!
When you build your church, your life, your hope, your finances, your conversation on this revelation instead of worrying what everybody is saying, He promises that "The gates of Hell will not prevail against it!" Peoples words and opinions have no bearing on the outcome of your life unless you let them.
A wise pastor once said, " A major transition will happen when a decision is made to stop allowing bitter people to steal your joy!" (Neh 8:10)
Because as long as there is flesh, people will always be saying something!! But the most important thing is what YOU say and what YOU believe!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Used New Year

Welcome to a new year 2012. This year has never been lived in. This year is full of unforeseen days. It is new. The question I often ask myself is what do you do with this new thing.
Some folks like to keep new things new. I know some that like candles, but don't like to burn them?! Isn't that the purpose of the candle? Or others that will buy new table ware but refuse to use the new stuff.
We can treat a new year the same way. We can go into each day with no thought of how blessed we are to be living a new day. We can go into each week without any consideration of a plan for that week. We can walk month after month wishing we could experience something new but continuing to do old things.
Heres another way to move into a new year. Awake every day and realize it is a gift. A gift that should be used to the fullest. Used to renew yourself. Spiritual speaking, spend time connecting to the gift giver. It is G-d who gives us each day,
Used to renew relationships. Rekindle old ones and build new ones.
Used to help someone in need. We find more purpose as we give ourselves away.
Be intentional about using each hour of every day as a gift. A gift that you should use!
Burn the candle, use the china this year.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Did you know that Jesus was into buts???? Crazy question I know. Now our ”buts” can be used as excuses to keep us from doing all kinds of things. But….. when Jesus gets involved, it changes everything.

Proverbs 3:32-33 – For the devious are an abomination to the Lord; BUT He is intimate with the upright. The curse of the Lord is on the house of the wicked, BUT  He blesses the dwelling of the righteous. Thank you Jesus for the “Buts !”

That was just a side thought. What really caught me about this passage was the part that says “He is intimate with the upright!” Intimate! Not close to us, not beside us, but He desires to be intimate with us. Now that’s a whole-nother level. The word intimate can be defined as: Closely personal. That says to me that He desires to be involved in every area of our lives. Every area! My aim for 2012 is to make Jesus, “closely personal” with everything that I have going on. I know this doesn’t mean that things will be perfect, but having the creator of the universe closely personal to me in my every day sounds like a good plan. How can you go wrong with that??