Thursday, January 5, 2012

Used New Year

Welcome to a new year 2012. This year has never been lived in. This year is full of unforeseen days. It is new. The question I often ask myself is what do you do with this new thing.
Some folks like to keep new things new. I know some that like candles, but don't like to burn them?! Isn't that the purpose of the candle? Or others that will buy new table ware but refuse to use the new stuff.
We can treat a new year the same way. We can go into each day with no thought of how blessed we are to be living a new day. We can go into each week without any consideration of a plan for that week. We can walk month after month wishing we could experience something new but continuing to do old things.
Heres another way to move into a new year. Awake every day and realize it is a gift. A gift that should be used to the fullest. Used to renew yourself. Spiritual speaking, spend time connecting to the gift giver. It is G-d who gives us each day,
Used to renew relationships. Rekindle old ones and build new ones.
Used to help someone in need. We find more purpose as we give ourselves away.
Be intentional about using each hour of every day as a gift. A gift that you should use!
Burn the candle, use the china this year.

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