Thursday, February 19, 2009

Look at Me

“Look at me” is a statement kids use. And most of the time it is pretty cool to take a look. When you do you will see a few things like growth, purity, adventure, honesty just to name a few. How many times have we looked at children and said I wish I had that kind of adventure, or energy?
But as we grow a little older we change this statement to “don’t look at me.’ If you do, you may see stagnate adventure and corrupt deceit. Not as cool and no one looks at you and says I wish I had that corruption in my life!
What happens as we grow older? We lose a sense of living to make a living. We gain money but lose valuables. We trade a path for a rut. We sell our relationships to the best lie. We live in darkened light. No wonder we don’t want people to look at us.

Could it be possible to live a life that people want to look at?

Maybe this is why Jesus said we must be like children.

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