Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Numbers Ch. 7

I know I have read this before but today was a little different. Here are a few thoughts about the theme of Numbers chapter 7 “Leadership.”

Leadership = Going first – As soon as the tabernacle was finished the leaders showed up first. They set the example. They offered the first true free will offering.

Leadership = Seeing needs – Leaders are always looking for areas to get involved. They will see the need first and respond.

Leadership = Willing sacrifice- There has been times in my life that sacrifice took major sacrifice. The leaders of Israel brought a willing sacrifice. They wanted to bring a sacrifice to the Lords work. It really seemed that they had a joy about sacrifice. This was not a sacrifice that the Lord required.

Leadership= Generosity – The leaders brought gold, silver, fabric, offerings. These all were very costly.

Leadership = Supporting – Every leader needs to submit and support something bigger. The gifts and offerings the leaders gave in Numbers 7 were used to further the work of the tabernacle. The supported and submitted to Gods work

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