Monday, February 2, 2009


The weight of life can seem to be completely unbearable. However, we continue to live, because the alternative is NOT living.
I have found that there are some things that we do to add to the weight. When we make a poor choice and follow the path that many follow we add weight. When we are too lazy to finish the task at hand we add weight. When we decide to speak without integrity we add weight. This is all unnecessary. Unnecessary weight demands focus which in return steals focus from things that matter. Unnecessary weight crushes.

There are some weights we need to learn to carry. Here are few - the weight of the cross; the weight of family; the weight of true friends; the weight of speaking into someone’s life; the weight of serving. These weights are necessary for our life and should have are full attention. These weights serve to make us stronger.

The weights of life are real crushing some and strengthening others. I want to loose the unnecessary weight.

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