Saturday, January 24, 2009


The greatest challenge is to receive a challenge. At different points of my life I have felt like I had enough “of whatever” to make it. Oh! how I was mistaken. The moment you think you got it together something new happens and forces you to receive or back up and let it pass.
Every challenge has the potential to bring growth. Challenges stir our love, force our creativity, give power to our personality, and increase our knowledge. Certain challenges have a unique way of stretching our core. And that is painful! I used to say things like “thats just not for me” or “I cant do that” or “I don’t want to deal” but something inside said “go for it, don’t let this moment pass you by!” So I did. I now know that voice inside was God leading me and I have learned that it is up me to embrace the challenge and allow it to bring growth.
Our world is faced with many challenges and the most important challenge is …will we receive the challenges or let them pass!

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