Wednesday, January 21, 2009

James Ch 4&5

Ch 4
I must recognize what quarrels and conflicts that surround me and know that it always leads to something. Lust to murder, (and that can be done with my mouth) envious to fighting. It seems to come down to “what I want, I want!’ This is an attitude to avoid. I desire to respect my relationship with God. I desire for God to call me a friend.
Today is another gift from God. I hope I can experience every dimension of this gift.

Ch 5
Stay focused on your true riches and where they come from. Let integrity be in my mouth. Develop relationships that can withstand confession. Be effective in prayer, and go looking for a brother that is missing.

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  1. Being patient and waiting on the Lord. I love it! Enduring until the end. That encourages my soul. James mentions Job, and Job's life always just amazes me. He endured until the end. He lost everything but his life. In the end the Lord blessed him. James tells us to look to the prophets who were examples of patience through suffering. I am reminded I have no reason to complain (even though I may think I do) through whatever trials I must endure. I have to remember that I have to endure to be made stronger. I must suffer because He suffered. Very sobering! I have not been covered in sores or shed one ounce of blood for billions to be saved by. Yep, no good reason not to be patient during suffering!