Monday, May 11, 2009

Always Lead

As I strapped on my shoes for another bike ride I noticed a little tag attached to the top of my shoe. It said “Always lead never follow” interesting!
Although I don’t know if I believe in this fully, there are some great thoughts tied with this statement about leadership. We all have a race before us and we need to run it as if we will win. To win you have to lead.
Leading takes energy- There is one thing for sure, to lead in a race, you have to have energy to stay in front. This energy comes from many different sources. The food you take in, the liquid you drink and the rest your body needs. When it comes to leadership what you take in determines your place in the race. If you take in junk all the time you will not have the energy to stay up front. You may have a burst of energy that propels you to the front but that energy does not last. To stay in the leader’s position you have to consider your intake. What’s feeding you? What are you reading and looking to for wisdom? How are you spending your down time? Who are you listening to? Where does your energy come from?
More thoughts later.....

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