Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just a thought

While praying and reading the Psalms I ran across a little scripture that packed a powerful punch. Psalms 119:144b "Give me understanding that I may live."
I am a person that desires to live; the other option is not something I would choose. I desire to live the fullest life G-d has for me. However I find myself not living to the fullest in areas from time to time. Why? Maybe it's because I have lost understanding and therefore lost life.
I need to pray for a new understanding for the day I am living.
We can learn a lot but do we understand what we know? Do I understand how to apply what I know? Do I seek to continue to learn and apply?
In every place we walk and interact with others we need understanding. I need it with my wife, kids, family and friends. I may know them but do I understand them.
I need a fresh understanding of my wife to see new life in our marriage. I need a fresh understanding of my kids (they are not babies anymore) to see life today. I need a fresh understanding of family and friends to add life.
Maybe our relationships are struggling because we have lost what it means to understand each other and therefore lost life.
You just don't understand!

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