Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Technology Integrity

Technology is great! I’m thankful every time I get an email, check my calendar, and send a message all on the go with my Blackberry. I can respond instantly when I need to or put it off until later. Because of technology I can connect with more people. If I had a Facebook you could be my friend. And if I had a twitter you could follow my every move. (I’m about to go to lunch)
With technology, however I have found that it is easy to negotiate our integrity.
For example it is easier to type words versus speaking them. And so we can find ourselves typing things we would never say out loud and therefore negotiate integrity.
Another thought, there are times we think what we are doing is done from the privacy of our cell phone or computer but that may not be true. I have seen too many times that cell phones are not private. You could easily send the wrong message to someone or someone could pick up your phone and read your messages. However it happens when you use technology it is not as private as you may think.
With that thought I wonder what someone would think if they picked up my phone or if they borrowed my computer. Would my integrity integrate with my technology?

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