Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Gift.

What kind of gift are you going to give to your love ones? Will it be a gift card so they can get what they want? Will it be money? As you consider your gift giving here are a few things to think on.

Give a relational gift - I read this from Advent Conspiracy. Maybe we should put a little more effort to making the gifts we give mean something. Not spend more but give more. Consider the person and what they mean to you. How can you celebrate that relationship through a gift? It could be as simple as a picture in a nice frame.

And another thought

Nikki and I try to give gifts that speak to one of three areas Physical, Spiritual or Educational.

The simplicity of the gift we received on Christmas from G-d meant something for the relationship between us and Him. Maybe we can honor Jesus through the gifts we give; they simple need to mean a little more.

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