Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis The Season for Voices

There are voices in my head! These voices are driving me crazy!

Have you ever heard statements like this?

I have a theory where some of these voices come from.

Some come from the commercialism of the season. They say Buy more, Spend More, Go here and get this and when all is said and done they say Spend, Spend, and spend.

Some come from past experiences. You may still hear the voice of disappointment and aggravations. These usually come from the people closest to you.

Some come from the greed in our hearts. This voice says “Bah Humbug.” This voice wants more but refuses to give more.

But then there is a voice that says be compassionate and spend less give more. A voice that sometimes gets drowned out due to the season. This voice says to be still and know something greater. This voice says there is a reason for the season.

The question is what voice are you listening to?

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