Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 3 - Reading thru the NT in 30 days

Day 3 - Matt 24-28 Acts 1-4

its rerally cool to see new and fresh things from the Bible

  • enduring to the end = saved
  • Be pure and wise
  • The way you treat others reflects the way you treat Christ
  • not my will - - -
  • Are you following Jesus at a distance?
  • Have an exit strategy
  • The church started in untiy
  • There will always be mockers
  • This promise is for me and my kids and YOU!
  • Repenting leads to refreshing
  • I have something in coomon with Peter and John (LOL)
  • over 8000 added to the early church in just a few days 
  • Can others see that you have been with Jesus??
  • no one lacked! WOW   

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