Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Testament in 30 days

And so it begins – Reading through the New Testament in 30 days. The Bible declares that we should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of G-d. So this is a booster shot of sorts.
I will try to post random thoughts/questions from my daily reading
Day 1 - Matthew 1 – 12
• You have a History- what is it?
• Be lead by the Spirit
• When the message is about Jesus, people will come
• Temptation comes 1. When you follow the Spirit 2. When you are tired 3. When you are hungry
• Are you willing to leave everything to follow Jesus
• Our gospel is worthless and is being trampled under the feet of the community, BUT Christ Gospel is still holding its flavor
• Adultery= Looking & Lusting
• Pray for your enemies?!?!
• Do good to those that hate you? By doing this we reflect our Father in Heaven
• Is what you are doing in secret worthy of a reward?
• Seek and you Will find! What are you looking for?
• Hearer + Doer = wise
• “I am willing” Jesus
• Jesus sees things different. We call it dead and He says it’s only sleeping.
• Instruct before you send
• Sparrows < You
• Good works stirs things up!

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