Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 10 - Reading thru the NT in 30 days

• Tribulation = perseverance = proven charter = hope = no disappointment.
• Dead to sin = Alive in Christ
   Alive in sin = Dead to Christ
• Set your mind on the right things.
• The Spirit helps in our weakness – good thing, because I have a lot of weakness
• G-d didn’t even spare His own son!
• It’s cool when we pray for each other, but WOW, Jesus is praying for us!
• G-d does what He wants.
• Hold tight to what is good.
• Don’t lag behind in diligence, fervent in Spirit and serving the L-rd.
• Don’t let evil win.
• Make no room for the flesh to thrive
• Lets worship together
• Don’t be a slave to your appetite

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