Monday, May 10, 2010

inside scoop

you know as i read the bible and the prophets of old i can really see G-ds character. It seems as if He always desired to give the inside scoop of what was about to happen.
If judgement was about to come He sent a prophet to warn the nation. for example - Jonah going to Nineveh. G-d could have just destroyed the nation, BUT His compassion said no! Jonah warned and Nineveh repented
Now, Jonah didn't understand why G-d would spare such a city. So G-d gave Jonah the inside scoop to bring understanding.
In the story of Amos G-d was sending all sorts of bad things to Israel. He gave Amos the inside scoop in which he returned prayer for Israel which saved Israel.
the inside scoop showed compassion, brought repentance, reveled understanding, provoked prayer.
pretty cool

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