Monday, June 14, 2010

Refreshing Moments

Sometimes we get congested with … Congested with the “to do list”; with running from here to there; with the worries you don’t like to worry about; with thoughts for tomorrow. And at the end of a day we are tired and weary and not looking forward to another day. Blahhhh!
But there are moments that will refresh our spirit. These moments are special and need to be found in every day. Refreshing moments help us with the congestion of life.

Here are a few moments I saw today:
A smile from my wife
A challenge from my son
A group of kids using their G-d given energy for something positive
Standing on a football field
Hearing that my mom is challenging herself
A small gift from a friend
Satisfaction of doing the right thing

I suppose I will have a few more tonight:
When I shoot my son with a paint ball – Ha ha ha
When I eat dinner with my family
Watching the sun set
When I kiss my love goodnight

Look for refreshing moments in your day. It really helps

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