Monday, July 26, 2010

Risky Riding

I enjoy the adventure of riding my bike. I love moving down hills at speeds that make me nervous. I’m becoming tolerant to riding up hill at speeds that make me sick. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment after a ride is over. However, all of this is great, but it almost ended today.

I took a turn too early and to my surprise a full sized truck was turning in my path. With G-ds grace he stopped and I moved quickly out of the way. My heart picked up a few extra beats. He almost got me.
And that’s why I love riding, I think?

Maybe I should abide by the rules of the road?
Maybe I should yield to a half ton truck?
Maybe I should ride on the sidewalk?
Maybe I should be more cautious?
Maybe I should leave my bike on the rack?
But where would the fun be in that?

Take a risk!

Get off the sidewalk of life and ride! Yes be smart, but don’t let caution stop you!
Take the down hills of life with speeds that make you nervous. And fight hard to get to the top of the hills. When a half ton truck is staring at you just keep moving (out of the way).
Join the adventure of living.

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