Wednesday, October 6, 2010

anchor or engine

I heard a question the other day that asked “are you an anchor or an engine?”
Well obviously these two items are different and serve different purposes. However it is something to consider are you more like an engine or an anchor? Here is the major difference…
An anchor holds – an engine propels

I would like to say I’m both due to the fact that sometimes you need an anchor and sometimes you need an engine.
In my marriage I need an anchor (of love) to stay in the harbor of my relationship. I defiantly don’t need an engine to propel me out to sea. But I do need an engine to propel my relationship forward, for if my relationship is not moving (growing) then it becomes stale.
I need to be an anchor for my kids to hold them to the values of our family, but need to be an engine to propel them toward their future.
If I’m in a storm I want to be an engine, If I’m in a lagoon I want to be an anchor and enjoy the time.

I think the question should be “do you know when to use an engine or an anchor?” Do you know when to drop the anchor or crank the engine?

An anchor is not something you want to drag behind your engine. Both have a purpose and wise you will be if you learn it.

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