Wednesday, January 5, 2011

21 day Fast

My family and I will be starting a 21 day fast this Sunday with our church family at StockbridgeAssembly. Nikki and I will be doing a Daniels Fast. This is basically fruits and veggies. No sugars, not meats, and NO COFFEE! (pray for me, I really enjoy coffee) We also will be adding tech-no days (Nikki came up with this she is the creative one). Every Tuesday and Thursday we will be turning off the technology in our lives. Yes this means computers, TV, and cell phones. Obviously we will have to use some form of technology, but we will limit it. Our goal in this is to make room for G-d, in our lives, by unplugging from this world.

Here are some good resources about fasting if you are interested..

Awakening – by Stovall Weems

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