Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday Playback

If you missed this past Sunday here are a few thoughts we covered on the topic of Prayer

Prayer is the 2nd instruction we covered, that Jesus gave His followers to live a G-d centered life. And it is essential to your life

Matthew 6:5-15

• When you pray don’t try to get mans attention, but rather your Father who is in the secret
• Private prayer time combats pride
• Prayer is not just about asking G-d for stuff – He already knows what you need before you ask v8
• Jesus said when you pray, pray this way
• What we know as the Lord’s Prayer

o It is a prayer of alignment
Aligning yourself to your Father
Submitting to His authority
Worshiping Him rather than your problems
Aligning yourself with His provision

o It’s a prayer of assignment
Asking Him what you can do today to see His Kingdom come on earth through YOU!
What assignment will He give you today, this week, this month, and this year?

o It’s a prayer of assessment
 Assessing your relationships
1st your relationship with the Father – asking for forgiveness on anything that hinders your relationship
2nd your relationship with others – letting go of the debt your holding onto

o It’s a prayer about assurance
We have the assurance that G-d will give us the wisdom to walk through this life and overcome temptation
We have the assurance that He will deliver us from trouble.

Try praying a little different. Don’t just go and ask G-d for things, rather align yourself with Him through prayer

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