Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bad Choices

The other week I had a physical for my insurance company. You know the one where they draw blood check levels and ask a ton of questions. I typically don’t like these physicals but I needed to have one. One of the questions asked was “have you ever drank alcohol?” Well I don’t try to lie intentionally so I said “yes.” Oh boy, that started a whole bunch of new questions. One after another about my drinking habits. I don’t have a drinking habit! This went on for several minutes and even several days. Several phone calls, after the physical, asking me about my drinking issue. I don’t have a drinking issue. I know what you are saying “ the first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem.” I agree. So let me admit to something, …. over 20 years ago I drank alcohol! There I admit it.

Here is the thought, bad choices have this way of following you. They have the potential of rippling through your life for month’s even years to come.

The story of sin entering into the world through disobedience has affected us all but the good thing is that love covers a multitude of sins.


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