Tuesday, July 19, 2011

missing the point

I recently saw this picture which looks pretty darn cool. (I wish I could ride my bike on water) the article can be found article

As I was reading the article and some of the post in response I thought some people can’t see the point if it was right in front of them. The young man that staged the stunt was doing it for awareness for flood victims. Apparently there is a bike ride that will raise money for these victims. To which I say “good job and very creative way to bring awareness.” The picture gets your attention.
The response to the picture is really what got my attention. There were many different people trying to explain how this happened. Some did give props to him for raising awareness, but not the majority of the ones I read.
Here let me state the obvious. You can’t ride your bike on water. (deep sarcasm) There has to be some other trick this guys is doing. DUH! But that is not the point. The point is to think about others that have been devastated by flooding.
Truth is I miss the point sometimes by trying to explain things that really don’t matter.

Just a thought

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