Monday, July 15, 2013


As I have been reading scripture over the past few days I have found myself saying "I don't get it!" 
I would like to say that I have or at least can find a good understanding of the scripture I read. But lately I just don't get it. So I'm asking for help. If you haven't read Judges 17-19 take a few moments and read and then give me your thoughts maybe we can learn from each other. 


  1. After 300 years the Israelites were still struggling with idol worship,seeking the gifts, but yet they were failing to truly worship the Giver. So many times what we think may appear to be right, such as going to church and worshipping is done through selfish motives as we, sometimes, out of our own ignorance, think we are truly worshipping God, but a deeper truth reveals that we are worshipping with motives that want to change circumstances and see answers to our prayers. Though these are not wrong motives, we should worship the Lord because of who He is, and not what He will/will not do for us. Unfortunately, often times, the Lord will bring about circumstances in our lives that will draw us back to Him, but in the beginning we are drawn only to see Him change the uncomfortable situations we are in. Micah, along with the priests were demonstrating every outward appearance of being religious, but failed to have pure and sincere motives. It was all about "what's in it for me"., which is very similar to the narcissistic culture found in the world today. Of course, at that time, Israel didn't realize that they already had a KING, the one true King, and eventually they demanded a king be set to rule the kingdom. They had compared themselves to other kingdoms and put so much demand on a new king, that eventually King Saul was chosen as king of Israel. To me, this even further explains the mindset of Israel at the time of Judges, comparing themselves to other kingdoms, seeking self gratification, worshipping idols, and even though The Lord protected them and provided for them throughout the wilderness, there was still great doubt. Just like many of us today, we struggle with doubt, we try to figure things out for ourselves in our own wisdom, we work for "things", and we go about our "Sunday" duties, never realizing that we have made idols in our own lives. Their acts of obedience were done out of selfish motives (what they may gain) rather than a love for God.

    1. Would like to know your thoughts pastor...