Thursday, January 15, 2009

James Ch 1

James Ch. 1
As I read today I thought it would be hard to see something fresh. After all I have used the book of James on many occasions to share relevant truths. However, three different verses jumped off the page this morning.

v. 1 – a bond servant is a very humbling greeting to the church. James being a valuable leader in the church starts by saying I am a servant to God. I always find it interesting, in the bible, the leaders we look at as GREAT never considered themselves that way. It calls me to remember humility.

v. 26 – bridling my tongue reflects the effectiveness of my worship. The very thing I live for is worthless if I cannot control my tongue. Every time I speak negativity I lose a sense of worth in my witness. Every time I complain about something I lose. Every time I let bitterness come from my mouth I lose.
The word worthless is a very strong word. Ouch! I don’t want to be worth nothing to God. I desire to be an asset to the kingdom not a liability.
I guess I need to control my tongue!

v. 27 – pure worship comes from helping the powerless. Reaching into the world and giving to someone that cannot give back to you. What’s in it for me? a question that the world has stained me with. I need to get out my spiritual stain remover and do everything I can to be pure and undefiled again.

Well this should be fun. Any thoughts?

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  1. James did have a very humble view of himself. Calling himself a servant or slave, depending on the version you are reading, is a great example to me of what it is to be a leader. Heroes of the first century church were left with the greatest leader of all time... JESUS. His example spurs us on to be better than what is around us. Not just being strong and able to motivate the people around us, but to be a true servant to them.

    It is always wonderful to be reminded of God's standard.