Friday, January 16, 2009

James Ch. 2

The heading for chapter two says “The Sin of Partiality”.
I had to ask today, do I have an attitude of favoritism? Do I show partiality toward people? People that may not look a certain way, act a certain way, or smell a certain way. If I am showing partiality then sin is alive in my life.
Can the people that call God Lord really tear apart the unity in which God is building? God has asked me to love my neighbor as myself.
And that love takes action. I will show you my faith, my worship, my honor, and my love by my works.

It seems I always have a question that is asked when I read or when the bible reads me. So here’s the question, does my works represent my faith? The things I do, or the things I say I do for the Lord does it reflect my love, worship, honor and my faith?
I will be answering this question today in my life.

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