Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Leadership Acts 2

I had a few interesting thoughts about leadership from Acts 2.

·They were all together- The fathers of the first church were all together. There was unity and one focus. And out of this unity and focus something amazing happened, the church was birthed. That alone speaks volumes - Togetherness births Greatness.

·They spoke in different languages – Leaders need to know or need to learn how to speak other languages. This may not be a foreign language however you need to communicate clearly to everyone listening. If you are speaking a language (communicating) that the listener does not get then the leader is not leading.

·Peter stood WITH the 11 – once again we see a sense of unity and community. Peter stood in authority with the rest of the 11. Community of leaders. The others didn’t speak - maybe because Peter had it under control and they were supporting him. How often do leaders stand alone without support? As a leader you need to stand with likeminded leaders to see something great. Don’t go at it alone.

·Peter raised his voice – Leaders have something to say. Leaders are not quiet. Leaders need to speak. However, leaders need to understand timing. Peter did not say a word until the men that gathered asked a question. Timing is everything. There are times to be quiet and there are times to speak, leaders know the difference.

·Peter declared – He spoke very clearly about this new message of Christ. He was confident in the message. There was no question as to what he believed. The message was in him. When a leader speaks he/she needs to be sold on what they are saying. It needs to come from deep within.
·3000 were added – people will follow a leader that knows how to communicate passion and clear message.

I pray G-d help me be a leader that can stand on an opportunity and speak clearly the message in my heart.

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