Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Good Memories are a tool to build lasting community. But to have memories you must be involved and committed to something.
This past weekend I was fortunate to develop some lasting memories.
Etched in my mind our great times I see happening around Stockbridge Assembly.
The Couples Retreat was a great time of community and relaxation.
· Breakfast lasted 2 ½ hours the first day.
· Hiked to the top of Georgia. In flip flops.
· Anna Ruby Falls was beautiful.
· Bad music is bad music everywhere.
The Church Family Picnic was huge. What a great time
· Such a sense of community
· Serving others like never before.
· Lots of fried chicken
· Lions tigers bears oh my
I love having good memories
What are you committed to and what kind of memories are you making?

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