Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Let us 2

I remember this hill we use to play on when I was much younger. We called it “Clay Mt.” for obvious reasons. There was also a vine we use to swing on that would go out from the hill and over a creek and back. It was a thrill! On one particular day a friend was swinging and at the pinnacle of the swing the vine broke. He came crashing into the creek. We all laughed and looked to make sure he was ok. The interesting thing was he held onto the vine all the way down.

Hebrews 10:23 gives us the second “Let us” and it is connected to hold fast. Thinking about this and the story of “Clay Mt.” I wonder how many things I am holding fast to that cannot support me. We hold fast to jobs, money, and even objects with hopes that they will bring us home safe. But, usually at the pinnacle, we get laid off, foreclosed on, and the car breaks down. We come crashing down and we feel like our lives are over.

It could be that we need to hold fast to something a little more stable. Let us hold fast to your confession of hope. The hope we find by following Christ. Knowing that no matter what happens He will never leave us. Knowing that even in the tough times of life something greater is being worked in us.
What are you holding fast to?

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