Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let us

There are a few key thoughts I read the other day in the book of Hebrews.
Three different times in chapter ten the author says "let us" so Let us look at this for a moment.

The first "let us" is connected to the words draw near. Read in context you have the notion that it is talking about drawing near to G-d. This is something we need to do. A lot of times I want G-d to draw near to me. I sometimes beg for Him to come to where I am. But the truth is we need to learn how to draw close to Him. When I plead with Christ to come to me I turn the idea of “Christ Followers” into “Christ follows.” I actually request Him to follow me to one bad situation after another. However, if I was to draw near to Him, He would lead me into one good situation after another.

(One good way to draw near is reading and meditating on the scripture.)

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