Sunday, October 4, 2009

A few final thoughts

There were people everywhere cheering for one purpose and you could feel the intensity.
You might not even be a football fan, but in that atmosphere you became one. The crowd was intense! I believe some of the people around me were ready to fight. Others cheered so loud it made my ears ring. I begin to get sucked into the vortex of the intensity and I wanted to fight! I begin to cheer and jump up and down. (I even hit the lady next to me, sorry) You could not help it, the intensity was contagious.
It didn’t stop when the game was over either. Walking back to the car I heard all the talk on how the team can improve and the key points about what went wrong. I joined in and gave my little opinion. Some were upset and others optimistic about the future.
But all-in-all, even with our team losing, the crowd was still happy. It was almost like they just experienced something supernatural. Something that is to be held in honor. Something you will not forget.
I learned something from this crowd of 90,000 +. I just experienced something more than a football game.

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