Sunday, October 4, 2009

Unity at 90,000

Visiting Sanford Stadium for a game last week was an experience I will not soon forget.
The crowd was, WOW! There were people everywhere. But when we got to our seats I experienced something that boggled my mind. Unity!
I have seen unity at a small level of high school game, even seen unity at a large event. But to have 90,000 people all about the same goal, cheering in unison was a sight to be seen.
The crowd was so unified that when they wanted to distract the other team with cheers it just happened. There was no planning, no leader, that I saw, just unity in the cause.
There was no racial issues, no gender issues, no social issues just unity.
People that have never met were unified in the cause. They exchanged high fives, hugs, and maybe a few kisses when things went well. And when things took a turn for the worse the crowd moaned together. When we were up, we were up together. When we were down, we were down together.

I wonder what life would be like if we were unified like this in our country, in our churches, and most importantly in our homes?

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