Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Lies Beneath

Today we are having new carpet installed in the house. The mess is tremendous.

As we removed the carpet from the rooms we begin to see the flooring/foundation. There were some obvious aging marks but for the most part all was well the foundation was strong.
However in one of the rooms, in a small corner the flooring was rotten. Water had leaked in and caused the damage. Now we have to replace the floor with new wood. The kicker is we had no idea this was going on.

This provoked a thought about what lies beneath.

What if in this new year we all did some personal improvements or at the least inspections. What would you find if you started digging around your spiritual/personal life? What if you could remove the layers for just a moment and examine the foundation of your heart.

What lies beneath? Beneath the show we put on for friends, beneath the act at the job, beneath the drama in our families?

How is your flooring? Sometimes we don’t even notice the small things that leak in and begin to destroy our foundation. Things like greed, gluttony, and pride they all start off small but if left unattended do some major damage.

What lies beneath?

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