Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn

An old dog can learn new tricks, and so can we. No matter how old we are we can learn.

The question may not be about learning but rather learning to learn again. You may feel that you have learned enough. Or that you have done enough studying in school. However life seems to throw experiences our way that demand us to learn again. For example starting a new job no matter if it is within the same profession you are still in need of learning. What about relationships? If you are in a healthy relationship it will be growing and you will be learning. If you are in a bad relationship you need to be learning how to improve it.

I always look for opportunities to learn. And they usually come from outside the normal “school setting.” It may be from a situation, a friend, and even a foe. If I will pay attention I can learn and be better off at the end of the day. If I’m willing to listen to others I can learn from others. If I’m willing to evaluate experiences I can learn from any experience.

Learning to learn again!

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