Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 6 - Reading thru the NT in 30 days

Here is an interesting thought

The more I read the bible the clearer things become.
Sometimes I will read just a chapter or two and it seems like Im just reading another book. But when I read 10 plus chapters I see things different- clearer.
I guess its like medicine, the bigger the dose the bigger the effect. I wonder if you can overdose?
Here are some thoughts from Mark 1 -11

• Mark used the word immediately 10 times in the first chapter. NAS

• Jesus prayed in the morning

• People came from everywhere to see and hear Jesus

• Jesus spoke in terms of relationships

• Someone is watching to see what you will do

• Stretching = healing

• Learn the art of withdrawal

• Does your seed produce a crop

• Let it shin, let it shine, let it shine

• Hide it under a bushel – NO! I’m going to let it shine

• Fear destroys belief

• Traditions of men can cause neglecting of G-d’s command

• Take me to Jesus

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