Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 7 - Reading thru the NT in 30 days

A few thoughts from

Mark 12-16 James and Galatians

• He is the G-d of the Living

• Love G-d, Connect to others, Serve the world – that sounds familiar

• Jesus watched the offering plate

• It is your responsibility to see that no one misleads you

• Be on ALERT

• Good intentions need follow up with action.

• A naked man in linen sheets? (I know I have read the bible before but I don’t remember this)

• Testing of faith = endurance

• Faith & works - Works & Faith – that’s what works

• Double minded = unstable

• Temptation comes from your desires.

• Boredom ----> Stupidity --> injury -----> Death

• Quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger

• A life that is balanced with G-d and the world is out of balance.

• Knowing to do right and not doing it = sin

• Serving Christ and pleasing men go together like oil and water

• Don’t rebuild your old life

• You are a son/daughter – serve like it

• Examine yourself

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