Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deep Cleaning

During some time off I decided to get up and actually hand wash the Jeep. Now we have had the Jeep washed in the automatic quick car wash but never hand washed and detailed cleaned it. But today is the day! With enthusiasm I start to the garage gather soap, sponge, and told Nikki to grab her bikini. : )

Man! The Jeep was dirty. There was dirt deep down in cracks and junk all over. (we have a very active family) So we cleaned and washed, and cleaned and washed. We even bought window cleaner and fancy rags to wipe down the interior. We scrubbed the tires, and sprayed the tires, and scrubbed the tires. After several hours it was looking good. The tires shined, interior glowed and all was well. To top off the day we bought some air freshener (the ones that go into the vents) and WOW the Jeep looked and smelled good.

After several hours we were done and had a great sense of accomplishment. Job DONE!

An afterthought : How many times do we attempt to clean our lifes at an automatic alter service, but ignore the deep dark places. We clean the outside and place a smile on our face and spray a little deodorant in the cracks and go! But deep down there is junk and crap. Oh nobody may be able to see it but it’s there. Maybe its time to do a deep cleaning and look at the dark places in your life.

Take the time to clean the dirt!

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