Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Break

Its always a good thing when you can take a step back from the everyday hustle and bustle. Relax was the priority of the week for my family. We did not have much planned and really tried to unplug from everyday life. In times like this I see things from a different angle. Here are a few thoughts I had over the week.
The church didn’t burn to the ground. As a pastor its hard to pull away and know everything will be ok. Yes something will always come up. (with you there or not) The key is to let others that are called, credited and capable handle things. They can do it! I would dare to say they want to do it! (I know I did when I was in that position)

Called – You must know that G-d’s calling is bigger than you. He uses different personalities to achieve different outcomes. There are people around you called; I know that because there are people around you lost. People called by G-d to work the mission.

Credited – These are people that serve alongside you. You see them and you give them a credit because you know (with your own eyes) what they can do. Give credit to who credit is due. To the ones that serve, give them credit.

Capable - These are people that have been called and you have credited and are ready with integrity. They are capable of handling issues and successes. They will serve the mission well.

Building a team that can keep the mission alive is crucial. (Another thought for another day-The mission gives the boundaries for which your team can work.)
In addition I have to trust others and most importantly trust in what G-d is doing in and through others.
And at the end of the week the church is still standing, the business is still selling and you are relaxed and revived.

Still to come this week – Cleaning the jeep for the first time, Visiting other churches, spending the week with the kids.

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  1. Good insight on building leaders bro!! I too am finding F.A.T. people to help and have the confidence along side Shannon & I in ministry. FAT people are not those that stay a little longer at the buffet... lol but (as I learned it from a close friend) FAT people are people who are Faithful... always there; Available... always willing to be called upon; Teachable... enough said - always wanting to learn & receive instruction. I didn't know that you were such a "Blogger"!! You inspire me Steven... I thank God to have friends like you & Nikki. Be Blessed!