Friday, October 22, 2010

What the....

Have you ever experienced something that just made you question, what the world is going on? Well I have experienced just such a thing recently at a Chic-fil-a.
As do most people in my area, we eat Chic-fil-a a lot. I would say several times a week. We have the Dwarf House, regular Chi-fil-a, and a Truett’s Grill within a few miles of my life. And we support the maker of the original chicken sandwich.

The food is great but the service is what makes me ask what the world is going on? For the most part you can walk into any Chic-fil-a and receive the same service. The same smile, the same good attitude, the same feeling of importance. I was sitting at Chic-fil-a recently and they came by and picked up my trash (this was the self serve side) with a smile. Chic-fil-a workers come by and ask if they can fill our drinks or get you anything else. And you don’t even have to leave a tip! It seems the employees are there to make your experience a memorable one. And this keeps many coming back for more.

Now you may say that’s the answer, they are employees. They are getting paid! The boss tells them to must act this way or you don’t get paid! I’m not so sure if money is the whole answer. Sure it plays a roll but I have been to other fast food restaurants and not felt welcomed or anything for that matter. So what the world causes a Chic-fil-a employee to act different?

One thing I noticed is it starts from the top. Most every time, when I’m grazing on a great spicy chicken sandwich, I see the owner of the store walking around greeting people, taking trash, and filling drinks. The managers display this standard also. The leadership sets the standard. They are not hidden in an office in the back, but very visible upfront. Leaders lead. They set the standard and boundaries in which others work within.

I’m on a search to find out what the world makes Chic-Fil-a different other than the obvious.

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