Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had a BEAutiful bike ride this AM. It was very relaxing and the weather was just right. Fallen leaves covered the trail. It was very nice except the TWO times I fell.
I have been riding for over four years. I would like to think I have a little experience. However, not today. I actually ran off the trail once and the other time I simply stopped and fell. (i think i pulled something trying not to fall)
I had two thoughts to go with my two falls. 
1. No matter how experienced you are failure can still hit you. Especially if you lose focus. Sometimes we can think we have it all together and nothing can stop us. I think about this in marriage. A couple has been married for many years and think they are experts. Then the next thing you know they are getting a divorce. Why? They lost focus! Never think your to big or smart to fall.
2. You hurt yourself more by fighting the fall then you would if you would just fall. There are times when we know we have failed but wont admit it. We fight it by saying it's not our fault or ignoring it all together. Just admit it and move on. 
BTW both times i got back on my bike and kept going. Failure is not final!

Let me go get some icy hot and google search training wheels... 

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