Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I get it!

I was at a store the other day; I believe it was right after the famed holiday Halloween. And what I saw turned the light on for me. I saw half the store dedicated to xmas d├ęcor and heard over the loud speaker xmas music. THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER! This particular store had every kind of fake tree you can buy. There where blue, green, orange, and pink trees. Some of these trees had flashing lights others had the standard lights. And to top it off you could buy every imaginable ornament to hang on your colorfully fake tree.

At that point I got it. What we need in the world is different colored, fake xmas trees. This just makes the world a better place. I think everyone should have a different colored xmas tree. Can you imagine your neighborhood; in the window of every house was a different color xmas tree. How great would that be!

And speaking of xmas music. I get it and have a suggestion. What if in every neighborhood we put up outdoor speakers and each house could plug into them and play their favorite xmas songs. Wouldn’t that be great? Every day you came home you could hear a different holly, jolly xmas song. : )

I get it, this is xmas! The greatest time of the year!

(Please feel the sarcasm)

I intentionally write xmas I will blog about the why later

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  1. I think we all can feel what u are saying. xams is not what it used to be when family's would all get together and just be glad in the moment , the xams tree would be all brighten up and in aw the children would be amazed , so and it really doesn't matter on what color your tree is. It should only mean something to your family.