Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Morning Playback

Here is the Play by Play of yesterdays gathering and kickoff of Simply Christmas at StockbridgeAssembly

• We opened with a comical thought about Bad Gifts people have given and received. (Have you ever given a bad gift? I have) G-d has never given a bad gift!

• Worshiped Rocked! Charles and the team did great.

• I was able to give honor to someone that spoke into my life 17 years ago, Ms. Margie. She actually prophesied over Nikki and I that we would be in the ministry. At the time we were not even attending a church.

• ‘Big” P (Patric) shared a monologue – the main point "Don’t just sing Joy to the world, but share Joy with the world."

• A Simple Challenge - A challenge was given to stay focused on the true meaning of Christmas. This is, G-d loving us so much that He gave His Son to die in our place.

Spend less and Give more- Don’t get so caught up in the consumerism of this culture, but rather reflect G-d in your giving. He gave a personal gift, relational gift, a gift that made a difference, a gift of presence.

Embrace His Story – Encouraged everyone to read the Christmas Story and other scriptures to keep it alive in us. Not just once but daily. Maybe try and read the rediscovering Christmas reading plan.

Celebrate – As Christ followers we should be people that know how to celebrate! We should be smiling. Celebrate with family (old traditions and new traditions), Friends (have a party and share in a meal together), and everyone (try to make someone else smile by random acts of kindness).

Next week’s topic – Simply Hope

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