Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday Playback

It was a great Sunday this past week. If you missed it here is the play-by-play.
Eric opened with a discussion about Christmas Décor and gave out free toothpaste and free sandwiches coupons.

Special guest, Coach Schmitt addressed StockbridgeAssembly and thanked us for serving at Woodland High School.

The thought for the message was Simply Hope.
Hope is what the Christmas story brings to us. We talked about the shepherds in the fields watching their sheep and how hopeless they must have felt.
Key thoughts about the Shepherds
• 400 years of silence from the close of the Old testament to the opening of the New Testament
• Being a shepherd was a tough job.
• Shepherds were marginalized in society
• Not much in finical advancement
• They were fighters (always protecting their herd)
• They worked months on end. Separated from family.
• They lived with sheep. Day in and day out.
• Shepherds were watching their flock by night
       Darkness (night) can lead to fear, danger lurks in darkness, we get lost in darkness
They story in Luke paints a dark picture before the angels show up
We all can relate to the shepherds at some point or another. Hopeless, dark, and tough times.
But when the angel shows up he brings light. 3 different times in Luke’s story light and peace are together
The angel said that there was a
Savior – someone that will rescue you in time of trouble
Messiah or Christ – The promised one , G-d still follows through on His promises
Lord – The coming ruler to bring peace
And the best part was, Jesus was for them.
The angel also gave them a sign that pointed to Jesus
• G-d has always offered us signs in times of hopelessness that point to Jesus.
This Christmas G-d is for You and G-d is with You. There is always Hope

Hope to see you soon

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